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          View the latest post Attachment(s) Problems with Windows 10 (newer Creator Update)

          Some news for the users which have Problems with Windows 10.
          I got some help to reproduce the problem with loading plugins like Codemaster. The loading circle does loop forever. On my side the newest W10 does work with X-Sim. There is a bug in windows [...]

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          View the latest postA new android app for all X-Sim users

          1, 2, 3


          ThaParser is proud to present us a new converter application.
          He had the idea to make a real converter application for handy and small computers.
          If you like the app, press the thanks button!
          For a detailed manual please read the following instruction . [...]

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          View the latest post Test Arduino's with Xsim !!

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          I'm glad to present a test with the next Extractor release v3.
          The goal is to show that Dashboard on Arduino Nano with obd2 feature [...]

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          • Games without a joystick support can have a analogue simulation within X-Sim. The joystick bridge is able to catch your current analogue joystick value and press a user defined direction key more or less often compared to the analogue input value. This is usefull if you play 3rd person games with no joystick support. The bridge is also able to simulate a user defined keyboard key with a joystick button for additional support for jump or look view commands inside a car. You find the joystick bridge and key macro functions in the settings menu of the extractor.l